Saturday, March 15, 2014

Will St. Josaphat Steeple Be Saved?


Curbed Detroit, which is an excellent blog about, uh, Detroit, has some great news for us.

Last November, a storm severely damaged St. Josaphat Church in Detroit, right near Mack and clearly visible to anybody driving down I-75 by there.  After the damage was done, the steeple roof was leaning to one side and resembled an elf hat more than anything else.  It was also unsafe and adjacent Canfield street had to be closed.  Early reports on the historic, but sparsely attended church said it was impractical to repair and that the steeple would have to be cut off, which was too bad because it is a beautiful landmark that I always enjoyed seeing.

Well, recent breaking news is good.  It looks like there is a way to save it and the funding to do so.  At least that is what some are saying.  According to the Detroit Historic District Commission (and you would think they know), the 113-year steeple is heading for rehab.  Plans are for structural repairs and a new slate roof.

We will keep you posted of further developments.  Or you could just drive around downtown and see for yourself.

If you would like to contribute to the Save Our Steeples fund for this project, you can do so here.