Monday, March 31, 2014

Selling Your Real Estate Empire

As a real estate investor, you know why you buy what you buy.  Maybe you have a personal niche, or maybe a certain product works best in your market for your buy-and-hold strategy.  For me, it is definitely single-family homes.  I can find them in plentiful supply Downriver, that's for sure.

But maybe you bought apartment buildings, or four-plexes, or even duplexes.  Those are not as simple to sell when you decide to cash in your chips.

Although it is not the only consideration, appreciation and ease of sale should concern you before you buy.  Ten or fifteen years down the road, you may be selling.  Has it gone up in value?  Who is looking to purchase something like that?

As usual, BiggerPockets is on the ball with this topic.  I definitely recommend this article for anyone thinking about real estate investing.  And Kevin Park is one of my favorite writers over there.