About Us

About This Blog
We started this blog to bring together news, trends, humor and inspiration in this particular niche of Downriver Homes and Real Estate.  We strive to positively impact the region and improve people's perception of Downriver.  We also want to have a ton of fun doing it.  We live here in southeast Michigan, and we love it.

We have a number of regular weekly Features and some as part of an occasional series.
Landlord Monday: News of particular interest to landlords and renters.
Mansion Tuesday: We can drool, can't we?
Featured Listing Friday: Each Friday, we take a listing in Downriver actually for sale and discuss it.
Demographics of a Downriver City: An occasional series discussing the communities that comprise Downriver.

About JOK Homes LLC
JOK Homes LLC is a property management company, currently operating in the Detroit and Downriver area.  We strive to make available quality homes for tenants who will take good care of them.  Our target markets present wonderful opportunities for growth, which we are doing.

Ours is a family business built on respect for customers.

We are also open to partnering with others.  Contact us for mutual opportunities we know about.  If it works for you, maybe we can both make money.

About John Knappmann
I am someone who invests in this field while also holding down another full-time job.  There are times when I question my choice to do that, but I also really enjoy working in real estate as an investor.