Monday, January 13, 2014

Home Staging and Mistakes to Avoid

Properly staging a home will increase the selling price.  I will confess a little doubt whether it is always worth it, as professional staging costs money on top of your other expenses.  On the other hand, you should think about staging your house or condo for sale as a DIY project, or at least think about how the house is looking to prospective buyers when they come by for a look.

Staging can be as simple as cleaning up, getting the spots and stains out of the carpet, and painting over the mauve walls that you did thirty years ago for something more marketable.  It also means removing family photos so that prospective buyers can see themselves living in the house instead of you.  For a professional staging, furniture and accessories are brought into the house just for the showings.

It also involves de-cluttering, which will make the space look bigger to prospective buyers.

However, there are some definite things to avoid.  Here is one of them:

green dining room-Jess
Nobody can see themselves living in a horrid green nightmare.

Follow the link below for more staging mistakes.  We'll talk about staging more at another time.