Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dress Up Those Stairs

Putting some design touches in your stairway, whether on the risers, on the walls, or the stairs themselves, can in effect add another room to your house that transitions from downstairs to upstairs.  The Detroit News reports that this is becoming more accessible for the DIY crowd, too.

We like this.  See the full effect in the next picture.


One DIY project suggested is to use wallpaper on the risers (the vertical part of the stair).  You will need to put a coat of clear acrylic or Krylon on top to prevent scuffing.

Somewhere, a designer got paid a lot of money to decide that this was the way to go.  Somewhere, people with taste are weeping.

Not all of the ideas presented were awesome.  You can go overboard with colors and patterns on your stairway the same as in the rest of the house.  The picture above looks uncoordinated and freakish to us.  Better to leave everything off-white than this, in our humble opinion.

Much better.  Now we can end our post on a positive note.  
Runner carpets are a traditional way to decorate, and they certainly work here.  The coordinated area rugs make this work really well.