Friday, January 3, 2014

Featured Listing: Brandon Inge's House

Update (March 10, 2014): The home has not sold yet.  Still on the market.

There have been some snarky reviews of the Ann Arbor estate of former Detroit Tiger Brandon Inge, which is currently on the market for $2.6 million.  The home is apparently decorated in a French Country motif, and some have taken to calling it too frilly for a baseball player.

Actually, this bathroom is frillier than we would want.
But I would submit that, considering Inge is married and his wife, Shani, probably was calling the shots on most of this.  They also have two sons.  Brandon came across as an everyday guy when he played baseball (which is remarkable considering he took home over $40 mil from it), and I just don't see him taking the time to leaf through fabric swatches.  And if he did, I don't see him picking these.  Nope, I'm betting this was his wife's project.

Shani Inge, the woman behind the chairs with twisty knobby legs.

Of interest, Brandon and his wife bought the place in early 2010 for only $2.1 million.  I think asking $2.6 million might be a reach, even if it has six bathrooms.  And a swimming pool.

Brandon got an indoor batting cage, weight room, and a basketball court, so he probably spent a lot of time in those places and didn't care about the guest bedrooms.

Hey, any guy out there who has decorated a house entirely as they wanted without regard to their wife can send in their comments.  My own personal observations (and experience) is that the wife usually gets a dominant voice in matters like these with the husband's taste regulated to a den, basement, or other carefully restricted area.  If you don't believe me, try coming to my house and sitting in the oversized recliner in the family room that doesn't exist.