Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mansion Tuesday: Bel Air Estate Checks in at 60,000 Square Feet

Chateau des Fleurs
We're talking about the white one in the foreground, although the one above it looks good, too.
Construction on Chateau des Fleurs (translation: chateau of the flowers) in Bel-Air, California is almost complete.  We have to admit we misled you a bit with our headline, as it technically is only about 40,000 square feet of living space with the remainder devoted to parking and storage.  That means it is not even the biggest house in town, as the former Spelling home now owned by Formula One heiress/jet set debutante Petra Ecclestone measures up at 56,000.  

Still, this place, which took five years to construct and, if sold, could possibly be listed for over $100 million, points to a resurgence of super luxury homes in greater Los Angeles, the kind that weren't being built when the market tanked.  Seven other homes over 20,000 square feet are estimated to be finished this year in Bel-Air alone.  Some of them will be for owners, but some may have been built for sale.  

The builder of Chateau des Fleurs, mobile home park owner Jeffrey Kaplan, has not been public with his plans for the place.  He may be planning to live there with his family.

As for the place itself, it has a ballroom, three elevators, guesthouse, and a pool (of course).  It also has separate wings for the husband and wife which meet in the middle shared rooms for them.