Thursday, June 27, 2013

Transformers 4 Fresh Construction Downtown Will Blow Up Soon

Next to videos of buildings blowing up, writing about the Transformers might rank as one of my favorite things to post right now.

Construction of some "buildings" that are supposed to be part of Hong Kong is taking place downtown, where the old Statler Hotel used to be.  The temporary construction is scheduled to be destroyed as part of filming the movie.  Presumably one of the Decepticons is going to be at fault.  My guess is Megatron, but what do I know.

This does raise a bigger issue, which is that downtown should not have empty spaces available for this sort of thing, but I actually have confidence that this situation, almost unique to Detroit, may someday soon be rectified.  As others have observed before me, no other downtown features a gas station where a major freeway ends at the road that goes along the river (Jefferson and I-375).  Someday soon, Dan Gilbert is going to buy that gas station like the rest of downtown.

Deadline Detroit has the scoop: