Thursday, June 20, 2013

From Russia, With Love?

Looking over recent audience tracking, an interesting phenomena is occuring:

After the United States, the largest audience for this blog is from Russia.

These domes are checking out JOK Homes?


I looked again at what I posted recently, and nothing really stood out as driving Russian traffic.  It's not like I referenced Josef Stalin or even Catherine the Great.  No mention of Moscow, Communism, the Great Patriotic War, or Cossacks.

It might be some kind of automated bots scouring the internet for things, but why would ones originating in Russia think this blog is worth scouring?

Maybe it is some international crime syndicate who is looking for soft targets for hacking.  I did mention banks, after all.  I hope not, although I have no idea what they could gain from the secrets of wall hangers.

Maybe it will just remain a mystery.