Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mullett Lake Mansion is Impressive

For Michigan house envy this week, we see a home in Mullet Township outside of Cheboygan that sits on 28 acres. It is a 1990 estate surrounded by three sides of water on northern Michigan's Mullett Lake
Surrounded by water on three sides, this could be yours for $12.9 million

According to the Freep , who is relying on, this is the most expensive house for sale in Michigan right now.  At $12.9M, you expect a lot of finery, and this house delivers.  10 bedrooms. 10 bathrooms and five half baths.  A guest house.  A commercial french fryer in the commercial-type kitchen (I really like that touch).   All 14,400+ square feet secluded on 28 acres.  You get the idea.

The place was built by Peter Paisley, who has since passed away, and his wife, Beverly.  Since she wants to sell, I'm thinking it was his dream house, not hers.  Doing some quick research, I found out that Peter was the founder and owner of Korex Corporation.  I really could not see what all exactly Korex does, but they are based in Wixom, Michigan and claim to be the world's largest manufacturer of automatic dishwasher powdered soap.  Which goes to show Peter Lynch's point that boring businesses can sometimes be the most profitable.

But I digress.  Back to the house.  I still do not understand why Mrs. Paisley would not want to keep living there.  They say they are always having family and friends over.  Maybe they would like to adopt me?

The 1,400 square foot great room leading to the dining room.
Not sure about the furniture, but love the ceiling.