Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Do you religiously fertilize your lawn?  I know I don't.  I may have done it a couple of years ago.  Well, that has got to change, for me and for you.

A scheduled program will give you a healthy lawn with fewer pesky weeds.  It will require less watering to thrive.  Like they say over on the Scott's website:  "If you put your lawn on the regular feeding schedule outlined below, it will look lush and green, and your neighbors will turn green with envy."

By the way, I also would urge you to get a spreader from a brand company and use it.  I have tried those so-called universal spreaders and can never figure out where the setting should be to drop the proper amount of fertilizer.  I'm going to get the Scott's one, use Scott's fertilizer, and conquer my fear of over-fertilizing the lawn.  In fact, I plan to do that today.

Plus, they have cell phone app.