Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not Enough Construction Workers?

One of the challenges builders face in Southeast Michigan these days is finding enough workers with the skills to build houses.  According to the Freep:

An estimated 60,000 carpenters, re-modelers and other skilled tradesmen and women in the state’s residential construction sector were put out of work when the real estate market collapsed construction stalled.
Many of these laborers are believed to have left the state in search of work or quit the building trades.
Now that Michigan’s construction industry is on pace for a potential 37% increase this year in single-family home construction permits, builders are wishing they could rehire some of the labor they shed during the past six years. Yet despite a statewide unemployment rate of 8.4% in April, one in three members of the Home Builders Association of Michigan reported in a May survey having had difficulty finding enough skilled workers.