Thursday, December 19, 2013

Want to be Roommates?

So, you thinking of doing the roommate thing?  You can cut your rent that way, you know.  But at what cost?  Privacy?  Destroying a Friendship?

There are positives and negatives that should go into the decision on this. discusses it on here.

I will confess to a very mixed record on picking roommates back in the day.  My first house with two friends sharing it went fairly well, but we were awesome friends going in and even then there were strains as we all tried to live together.  It didn't help that one guy was always having better luck with women than the other two of us.  We drifted apart a bit and called it off before any permanent damage was done.

The next adventure was much more risky, and did not pay off.  Three other guys, one of whom we had to quickly kick out because he never paid anything, including his share of the rent.  One never really was there.  That left me and another guy in the house, and we had issues.

Then I got married, and have shared a room for over twenty years now with the lovely Rebecca.  Finally I got the roommate thing right.