Monday, December 23, 2013

Mortgage Fraudster is on the Lam

Ronnie Duke, a 46-year old Fenton, Michigan resident, did not report for his prison term and there is a warrant for his arrest.  Duke was ringleader of a huge mortgage fraud ring and had previously entered a guilty plea.

Have you seen this guy lately?  The FBI hasn't.

He was to begin serving a 13-year federal sentence (and make arrangements for $94 million in restitution), but did not report to the U.S. Marshals after being released on bond to wrap up his personal affairs (a not uncommon thing after guilty pleas of this type).  Duke had been cooperating with federal authorities for years and provided information on the other 15 people convicted in the scheme.  Apparently his time of reckoning was too much to handle.

Although I am not familiar with how his particular scheme was structured, I imagine it was similar to the one Tony Soprano put together in Newark with his corrupt friends the social agency director and the state senator.  If Tony was a real person, I would now have to tell you that he was never convicted.

A similar scene played out in the Duke house, apparently.