Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Frederick Fisher Manse in Boston-Edison Tour

Built by the oldest Fisher brother, Frederick, this gem was one of the highlights the recent Boston-Edison neighborhood home tour.
Nothing screams old money like a house built by old money.  Here it is.  Built in 1918 by an original auto magnate (Frederick J. Fisher), with premium craftsmanship that has been preserved intact, this is how the rich lived in the Roaring Twenties in a town that was the center of the Roaring.

Both FDR and Senator (and future President) Kennedy at here.  They probably liked the floor pattern and the color of the walls.
First, a word about the neighborhood.  Boston-Edison.  The homes we see there today sprung up as an area for wealthy Detroiters after the turn of the century, built with auto and industrial fortunes.  The neighborhood is filled with other gorgeous estates, too, including several homes originally owned by other Fisher brothers. Over the years, this has remained a viable high-end neighborhood in the city of Detroit.  However, like Indian Village, it remains a great neighborhood with devastated neighborhoods nearby.  The neighborhood is located near Woodward and Chicago.

Ironwork by craftsman Samuel Yellin Metalworks.

President Franklin Roosevelt once came here to dine with original owner Frederick, the oldest of the seven Fisher brothers who founded Fisher Body.  The house is 12,000 square feet in an Italian Renaissance style, built of Indiana Limestone.  It features both a morning and an evening room (to take advantage of available light), a music room, an upstairs library, Pewablic pottery tiling, Samuel Yellin metal work, and loads of woodwork details.  Also there is a billiards room, ballroom, wine cellar, bar area, and bedrooms with sitting rooms.  

After the Fishers passed on, the home was sold to Dr. DeWitt Burton and his wife, Alice.  Dr. Burton founded one of Detroit's first African-American hospitals.  After their passing, the property was purchased by two other individuals who are not nearly as famous as the previous owners, but have maintained and updated the property.  Currently being updated is the kitchen area, four rooms which are largely untouched since originally built.  

Even the bathrooms have chandeliers in this place.