Monday, June 9, 2014

The Steeple Stands Tall

St. Josaphat, the Damaged Era

When last we spoke of the steeple at St. Josaphat in Detroit, the one that had been damaged by winds last November and was in danger of collapsing, it danger of collapsing.  There was no real money to fix it and the outlook was bleak.  Best case plans seemed to be cutting off the steeple to save the church underneath it.

Almost three months later, things are looking up.  About $90,00 has been raised to fix the steeple, iconic along I-75 at Canfield (you can't drive the stretch of freeway without once again noticing it.).  That has funded structural work that has left it stronger than when it was first built.  At least the steeple won't fall off onto the street now.

The church steeple was in danger of collapse after a windstorm in November.
Looks like they straightened up the place.

Alas, the money raised so far is not the $500,000 or so needed to completely repair the damage and get the church off the the City of Detroit condemned building list.  So it's still not at all clear what will eventually happen.  For now, though, let us savor this partial victory.

For more information on the Save Our Steeple campaign, or to contribute, you can follow this link.


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Save Our Steeple