Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tudor Estate is Worth a Look

This fine country estate on Walnut Lake, built in 1929, has the rambling Tudor architecture of a Cotswold cottage. That includes the steep slate roof, the tall stone chimneys, the arched windows and an entry turret.

Imagine coming home from a long day at the office to this.  Kinda makes it all worth it, huh?  Could it be more perfect?

Actually, it could.  It is also on Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield.

And it has...a...lighthouse.

A light house / beach house off of private all-sports Walnut Lake.

So that is what $4,999,000 gets you.  This place.  Lots of original crafted details.  Leaded glass, special wood, yada yada yada.

It is done in a style called Cotswold Cottage.  See the steep slate roof, the tall chimney?  Most importantly, notice the entry turret?  That's how Cotswold is done, folks.  (Actually, the original Tudor cottages in this style in Cotswold, England had thatched roofs, but this revised version is better.)

Here are some more pictures.  You can read more about it and see even more pictures at the Free Press, which also has information if you want to buy it and can afford it.

Leaded glass windows are seen in a nook off of the great room.

A light house / beach house off of private all-sports Walnut Lake.

The lower-level bar is a small perfect circle with all its components shaped into the curve--the cherry cabinets with curved glass fronts, the granite counter, two little bar sinks.