Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post Civil War Farmhouse in Northville

This oldest part is next to the street and has its own pillared front porch.

This house, 134 years old, is located in a great location five blocks from downtown Northville.  As the Detroit Free Press observes, that means a lot of great events you can walk to.  Since we did not get a Featured Listing Friday post up recently and this is for sale, after all, we have decided to have Featured Listing Friday on Sunday, instead, this week.

Fortunately, the Free Press has A LOT of pictures, so we are able to give you a good flavor for how the place looks.

The music room with wood burning fireplace.

The kitchen.

As for the house itself, the current owners have taken it from drab taupe and off-white to colors more in keeping with it's time period.  Moreover, it is a striking place with a home and a carriage house with a walkway between the two.

Guest bathroom.

 Office space.

Finished basement.

The rest of the room is pure white--subway tile, marble counters, pedestal sinks and a claw-foot tub--set against walls that are deep Wedgwood blue.

Finally, about that carriage house: When you look at the front, you see the original two doors--wide, heavy, red barn doors that suit the rustic setting.

Doll house that matches this renovated and expanded 1880's home.