Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mansion Tuesday: Wayne Newton's Legendary Vegas Digs For Sale

Don't know how we could have possibly missed this, but here is it November and this news broke back in September.  Newton lost it during his bankruptcy, so the mansion and grounds are not his anymore.

Maybe just a little bit of plastic surgery?

In addition to the obvious grandeur and breathtking design, the estate features a place for your horses (lots of them, Wayne loved his horses) and a runway, so that your private jet can take off without silly plebeian airports like normal people.

Newton's Xanadu, which he unloaded for less than $20 million when his finances went in the tank, was originally listed for $70 million.  In October, the listing price dropped to a mere $48 million.  If you want more information so you can buy it, you probably should stop reading this and call a high-end Vegas real estate agent.  Good luck. I would suggest an opening offer of $37 million or so.


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