Friday, November 8, 2013

Featured Listing Friday: Lincoln Park Starter Home

Today, we introduce a new weekly item for our blog: Featured Listing Friday.  We will pick out a house for sale in the Downriver area.


This is a great little starter home, available for sale for $27,000.  It is a new listing.  Understand that, when you are in this price range Downriver, you will have to look past unusual interior colors that need covered up.

Like this:

Still, this is a great price for a Lincoln Park home.  It is also typical of what many people start with and plenty of people are able to live entire lives in complete happiness in homes like this.  I grew up in bungalows like this.  Give Ron LaCasse a call and check the place out.

By the numbers:
2258 Fort Park Blvd., Lincoln Park
Listing Price: $27,000
1183 sq. feet
3 bedrooms
2 full baths (unusual for this size!)