Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mansion Tuesday: Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook Stunner

It took 20 years of additions and renovations to turn one of the earliest homes built around Bloomfield Hills' Cranbrook Community into this 8000-square-foot showplace. Although the core of this house is 100 years old, there is no sense of age. After a generation of remodeling and expanding, it has the same feel and finish of a luxury house built in the last 20 years.
Maybe a bit too much white?  Even the dog is white in this living room.  Just being honest.

8,000 square feet.  Built over four years, finished in 1912.  Refurbished and renovated over the last 20 years.  What is not to like about this place?  Six bedrooms, six full and five half baths.  Oh, $3.3 million.  Yes, it's for sale.  Read all about it here.