Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday-type Discount on Most Expensive Listing in America UPDATED January 14, 2014

Here's your featured listing for Friday, Black Friday edition.

Not one, but two turrets.  And the place is on discount.

UPDATE (1/14/14): The price has been dropped to $130 million!  

Got a $140 million mortgage pre-approval, but thought that $190 million dream house was stretching yourself a little too much?  Well, here is good news for the day.  You can get that house after all, and bargain down enough from there to afford the furniture you need for it.  The asking price has recently been cut a staggering $50 million.

Why show the kitchen?  The cooks will be the ones spending time in there.
Here is where you will spend your time.

This property, called Copper Beech Farm, was originally built in 1896, which must have been a tremendous undertaking in itself.  It is a massive 14,000 square foot abode, in a style described a“Victorian, French-renaissance”, which is probably "here's what I want" for huge houses that cost a lot.  As you would expect a house built before the turn of the century by one of the robber barons, it is loaded with luxury details and craftsmanship.  This place has also been kept in pristine condition and updated with luxury features, so you might want to reconsider that remodeling idea.

Here, let describe it a little bit in their own words:

The living room in particular stands out with its intricate ceiling artwork, a solarium and numerous handcrafted built-ins and finishes, and the dining room has its own lavish fireplace that complement its towering columns, rich oak paneling and tracery ceiling.
Explore the exterior of the property and you will find an exceptional 75-foot heated pool that sits adjacent to an octagonal pool house and dressing room, an enormous spa and large terraces. The idyllic setting is furthered with hills of grass rolling into formal gardens, a pair of greenhouses, an apple orchard and a viewing pergola. Also found on the premises is a tennis court, a stone carriage house with a clock tower, and a shingled cottage with its own viewing porch.
12 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 2 half baths.  10 fireplaces.  6 car garage.  A pool, greenhouse, garden, and wonderful landscaping.  Long private drive.  All situated on a 50-acre wooded, private, and prime parcel of land.  It's so awesome it doesn't even have an address because everyone around there knows it and where it is.  I'm going to send an interview request to "Occupant, Huge Expensive House, Greenwich, CT" and see if it is actually delivered or not.
There are more pictures if you follow the links.  Enjoy your new home.

Would you like to see the view from the back yard?  An astonishing 4,000 feet
of ocean frontage in Greenwich, CT and two offshore islands to boot.