Monday, February 24, 2014

Update: Fugitive Mortgage Fraudster No Longer Fugitive

Ronnie Duke, who skipped town rather than start a 13-year sentence for massive mortgage fraud, has been apprehended.

Duke also owes $95 million in restitution.  That's a lot.

He was supposed to begin serving his sentence in June, but never reported.  He was apprehended in Saline, Michigan on Monday.  At his arraignment in court, he assaulted the female prosecutor on the case.  Not a smart move.

As an aside, he hired former strippers to process the bogus loan applications, laundered the money through straw buyers, and pocketed huge amounts of cash.  He spent it on fast cars and undoubtedly squandered a huge portion of the proceeds.

Original Story (December 23, 2013): Mortgage Fraudster is on the Lam