Sunday, February 16, 2014

Capitol Park Artist Lofts Can't Survive

Curbed Detroit examines the lofts in a downtown Detroit building at 1217 Griswold, in the Capitol Park neighborhood.  The falling-apart structure was recently purchased by Dan Gilbert (who buys EVERYTHING downtown) and current residents are being told to vacate the death trap so that it can be renovated.  Reports indicate it would never pass a code inspection currently.

I'd be lion if I said I was not impressed.
One thing the place has going for it, however, is its current residents.  Mostly artists and creative types currently inhabit the low-rent place.  Without much money, but with a ton of creativity, they have transformed the lofts into, well, into about what you would expect broke artists to transform a loft into.

After the renovation, rents will be higher and these artists will no doubt have to find somewhere else to live.  The new tenants will have more money and less creativity.

I know this is not really a Downriver article, but the images are too interesting not to offer up.  That's why we are posting this as a bonus on Sunday, when we normally do not publish.