Sunday, October 12, 2014

Metro Detroit Home Prices Soar, Especially in Hot Spots

DFP 1010_real_estate_hot_spot.jpg
This nice couple from South Lyon are in the middle of a real estate
market upswing more dramatic than we are seeing Downriver.
It's no secret that Metro Detroit real estate prices are going up, and have been for a while.  After the big crash in the second half of the last decade, up is about all they could go.

What is not so apparent, but should be known, is that not all areas are going up uniformly.  Some areas lead the pack and some areas lag.  In our area, we have no leaders, at least according to the article.  We do have a laggard, Romulus.

Statistics don't lie.  I am not shocked that the Grosse Pointes are once again in vogue.  What I don't understand is why more people do not realize the great neighborhoods and cities Downriver and give them a little love.  Our area gets an unfair rap, in my humble opinion.

Oh well, read the story in the Free Press anyways.