Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Art Van Elslander Mansion Sells at Auction

Aerial of the rear of the Art Van Elslander estate. To register to bid in the "absolute auction," a $200,000 certified check payable to the escrow agent, wire transfer or a personal check along with bank letter of guarantee is required, according to the brochure listing the sale.

The wonderful mansion of Art Van founder Art Van Elslander, after a year on the real estate market for $15.9 million, was sold at auction yesterday.  We have a link to the Detroit News story on this, but it was covered in other places as well.  It was for sale for a year before being put on the auction block.

Not just any ordinary auction.  In order to bid, you needed to deposit $200,000 in cash or certified funds.  How much the place went for and who bought it is still undisclosed.

We have previously covered the sale of the place, here and here.  It is absolutely stunning and might be the best residence in Michigan.

I'm just hoping the undisclosed bidder is not my wife.  Like many, she would love the place.  But we can't afford the yearly upkeep on a place like this.