Thursday, October 2, 2014

Art Van's Spectacular Estate On Auction Block

The Lake St. Clair-facing rear view and back yard of the Art Van Elslander estate in Grosse Pointe Shores.  The estate of the Art Van Furniture founder and his wife, Mary Ann, is up for auction. It was initially listed for $15.9 million on the Grand Estates Auction Co. website.

The founder of Art Van furniture is selling his house.  Everything must go!  You get the bargains!  Buy now!  Free financing for five years!

We're kidding about the financing, but the exclusive abode of Art Van Elslander has been for sale for over a year at $15.9 million without a sale, so now it is going up for auction, instead.  Considering that this is the highest listing price ever in Michigan, it was going to take a certain type of buyer (paging Dan Gilbert!) at the right time to make a sale on this.  So to the auction house it goes.  The Detroit News has the info, along with a ton of great pictures from the auction listing.  Put your bids in on October 28th.

We wrote about this place before, when it first went up for sale last year.  Actually, we had a wittier headline when we wrote about it before, too.  At the time, we called it "the best place in Michigan to live."  It is spectacular.  A lot more pictures after the jump:

The Art Van Elslander estate in Grosse Pointe Shores.

Check out the great room, done in a tasteful light blue-green, it appears.

The great room.

The setting is, of course, spectacular, on 3.75 acres fronting Lake St. Clair.

Gardens and lawn

More pictures, for the gawker in us all:

Wine cellar.

Main kitchen.

The Detroit News article has a galley of great photos of this amazing property.  We've only provided the highlights here.

Master bedroom.
Now this is a Master Bedroom.

Indoor pool

Play room
Love the game room.  I imagine his grandchildren spent more time here than Art, but I would like to think he would pop in for a game of pinball or hockey every so often.