Monday, October 13, 2014

Fear the Professional Tenant

There are unscrupulous tenants out there who will game the system and make life miserable for you if you rent to them.  Even though you treat them fairly and are honest, they will lie to your face and use legal delays to live rent-free in your place until you can finally get rid of them thousands of dollars later.  Then they will move on to their next victim.

I had a bad experience with one of these, although he was more passive and played on my sympathies for his family than anything else.  He just wanted to live there as cheap as possible and did, until I got a court order to evict them.  Sadly, future tenants needing a bit of understanding will pay the price for his manipulations.

A landlord and attorney in Massachusetts with some experience in these matters offers some helpful hints on spotting these people before they get approved to live in your place.

I'd be interested in hearing from the other side of this,  Anybody want to share a bad landlord story?