Sunday, July 6, 2014

Update: Coulter is Lincoln Park Emergency Manager

Brad Coulter
Brad Coulter has been named by Governor Rick Snyder as the Emergency Manager in Lincoln Park.  He comes from a background in the private sector and is known as a corporate turnaround expert.

We posted earlier this week that this move was rumored to be imminent.  As it turned out, the announcement came out later that same day.

We must confess some curiosity as to why Lincoln Park's City Council took the unusual step of asking for an Emergency Manager from the state when they probably could have operated under a consent decree and retained local control.  Instead, the local elected leaders voted to just abdicate their authority and give up.  For most of them, they were there and voting when the deficit budgets were approved in prior years, and now they will not be making the tough choices to fix the fiscal carnage.

We don't approve of that sort of action, and hope they will not continue to draw a paycheck for what is now a symbolic role in their local community that they served so poorly.

In any case, good luck to Mr. Coulter and the citizens of Lincoln Park.


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