Sunday, July 5, 2015

Selling Your Homes? Don't Make It Personal


Selling your home requires you to think about the potential buyers who will be coming and looking. It requires you to look at the market and ensure that your home is positioned to attract potential buyers. This is a two stage process: getting them to look, then getting them to offer.

In order for the potential buyer to even look, the house has to look good from the outside. It has to be priced competitively. You need them to pick your home out to look at among a slew of similar homes on the market, then have the view from the street good enough that they won't just drive away.

Buyers usually look at multiple homes before zeroing in on one to offer on, and you do not want yours to be the runt of the litter. If your curb appeal gets them in, then keep them in with a clean house that doesn't look like it needs any work. Sure, everybody will want to change colors in a room or put up their own decor, but you want to give them a feeling that this would be ok until they get around to making those changes.

Don't make the inside (or outside) too personal to you. If you have an extra bedroom and use it for a home office, stage it as a bedroom when you are putting it up for sale. Generally people are looking at houses with the number of bedrooms they want and most people don't put a priority on a discrete home office. If you used a fuschia and coral paint scheme that you loved because it reminds you of Cancun, repaint it in beige when the house is being sold, Grandma's old brown stove that doesn't fit in the white kitchen? Get a white one, even if you rent it.

For more tips, we'd refer you to a recent article in the Freep.

Good luck!